Company Presents Custom Face Masks To Work With Face ID

A certain company presented its custom N95 masks that would work with Face ID.

A certain company presented its customized N95 respiratory masks that would work with any facial recognition software.

This, after Resting Risk Face, through its website, presented Face ID Masks that would “unlock your devices with a surgical mask that looks just like you.”

Photo from Resting Risk Face Official Website

This innovative move came after having a hard time to use customer’s biometrics data in accessing their phones.

According to its website, customers who want to avail custom-made masks would upload their faces using the company’s web app which wasn’t available as of this writing, then customers will tweak their digital proof, and the company will print customers’ orders. The retail price for the custom-made mask, according to its site, would start at $40 (PHP 2,000) per mask.

The company behind this innovative creation hasn’t officially launched to the public nor shipped any masks as of this writing.

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