PHIVOLCS: Taal Volcano Generates 101 Volcanic Earthquakes (Feb 12)

Taal Volcano Generates 101 Volcanic Earthquakes, Phivocls Says

TAAL VOLCANO UPDATE – The state seismology agency PHIVOLCS reported that Taal Volcano generates 101 volcanic earthquakes.

On Wednesday (February 12, 2020), the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology releases the latest updates about Taal Volcano. The agency reported that the volcanic earthquakes in Taal slightly increased.

Phivolcs warned the residents near the volcano of weak phreatomagmatic explosions, volcanic earthquakes, ashfall, and lethal volcanic gas expulsions. The volcanologists that Taal still posed threats even it was downgraded to Alert Level 3.

Taal Volcano

Recently, the volcanology agency reported that Taal generates a total of 101 volcanic earthquakes including four low-frequency events from Tuesday morning (February 11) to Wednesday morning.

“These earthquakes signify magmatic activity beneath the Taal edifice that could lead to eruptive activity at the Main Crater,” Phivolcs said.

The seismology bureau reported that the sulfur dioxide emitted by the volcano has reduced to an average of 67 tonnes per day. The emission of SO2 indicates a possible magmatic eruption.

Taal Volcano

Phivolcs also kept its recommendation that the entry to the Taal Volcano Island and communities within the seven-kilometer radius from the Main Crater.

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