Orphanage Fire: Fifteen Children Dead In Haiti

According to a local judge, fifteen children died when a fire swept through an orphanage in the Kenscoff area outside Haiti’s capital.

This, as magistrate Raymonde Jean Antoine said in an interview with AFP News that two children died in the blaze at the Orphanage of the Church of Bible Understanding, while 13 others died at a hospital in Haiti due to smoke inhalation. Antoine also highlighted the severe shortcomings of Haiti’s child welfare institutions.

Photo from AFP News

Antoine also said that an unlicensed orphanage housed about 66 children, added that the fire in Kenscoff started after 9:00 p.m. Thursday (10:00 am GMT+8 Friday). One of the children in the said orphanage revealed that the electricity went out, the reason for young occupants to light up the candles inside their rooms.

Following the incident, an investigation began in order to determine the exact cause of the fire, as well as to identify the person responsible for the orphanage.

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