Official Accounts Of Facebook, Messenger Were Hacked, Says Twitter

Twitter on Friday (Saturday in the Philippines), confirmed that the official Twitter accounts of Facebook and Messenger were hacked.

This, as a spokesperson of Twitter said in an emailed statement that the official Twitter accounts of Facebook and Messenger were hacked through the use of a third-party platform. According to a spokesperson, Twitter locked the compromised accounts and was working closely with its partners at Facebook in order to restore these accounts.

Official Accounts
Official Accounts Of Facebook and Messenger Were Hacked, Says Twitter

Separately, Facebook confirmed that some of its social media accounts, including Messenger, were hacked. According to Joe Osborne, a spokesperson of Facebook, some of its corporate social media accounts “were briefly hacked but we have secured and restored access.”

Previously, the account of Jack Dorsey, who was the chief executive officer of Twitter Inc., was hacked in August, allowing an unauthorized hacker to send public tweets to his 4 million followers before Twitter secured Jack’s account.

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