Nini Jacinto: Former Daring Actress Is Living This Life Now

What happened to former daring actress Nini Jacinto after she left the entertainment industry?

Nini Jacinto, one of the popular daring actresses during the 1990s and early 2000s, is living this kind of life now.

She became popular during the era of titillating films in the Philippine showbiz as a contract actress of Seiko Films. Nini was known for portraying roles in movies such as Berdugo (1998), Gigil (2000), Pukyutan (2001), and Dalawang Pisngi ng Langit (2001).

nini jacinto
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After those stints, she took a break from showbiz. Based on the article by entertainment columnist Aster Amoyo in Pilipino Star Ngayon in 2003, the former daring actress left showbiz when she got pregnant with her Japanese partner at that time.

Nini went to Japan in 2002 to be with her boyfriend. She was already pregnant at that time. However, she only stayed there for a month and decided to go back to the Philippines.

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Reportedly, Nini’s Japanese boyfriend Shintaro Takamura promised that they would get married but that did not happen. The former daring actress gave birth to their son in June 2002.

Being a single mom at the age of 24, Nini wanted to have another chance in showbiz. That is why she worked hard to get back to shape after giving birth, based on the article.

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Despite her first failed relationship, Nini Jacinto was able to found love again with her husband now who is a Senior Police Inspector. They are now happily living in Cavite with their 4 children, based on a YouTube video.

Outside the entertainment industry, the former actress got busy attending to her various businesses such as spa, salon, and computer shop.

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