Malacañang Palace Declares March 2, 7 & 31, 2020 As Special Non-Working Days

March 2, 7 & 31, 2020 Declared by Malacañang Palace As Special Non-Working Days

SPECIAL HOLIDAYS MARCH 2020 – The Malacañang Palace has declared March 2, 7, and 31, 2020 in three different areas in the Philippines.

Various local government units in the Philippines announced the cancellation of classes and public offices on three different dates during the month of March 2020. The following dates have been declared by Malacañang as special non-working days in celebration of particular occasions.

The Malacañang Palace has issued three proclamations including “911, 912, and 913” declaring March 2, 7, and 31, 2020 as special non-working days in the provinces of La Union and Basilan as well as the city of Panabo in Davao del Norte.

Malacañang Palace

President Rodrigo Duterte bestows power and authority towards Executive Secretary Salvador C. Medialdea to sign the proclamations.

The proclamations have been made to give people of two provinces and a city, the full opportunity to celebrate and participate in those events with appropriate ceremonies.

Here are the proclamations:

Proclamation No. 911 – Declares March 2, 2020 (Monday)as a special holiday in the province of La Union to celebrate its 170th Founding Anniversary.

Malacañang Palace

Proclamation No. 912Declares March 7, 2020 (Saturday)as a special non-working day in the province of Basilan to celebrate its 46th Founding Anniversary.

Malacañang Palace

Proclamation No. 913 – Declares March 31, 2020 (Tuesday)as a special non-working in the City of Panabo in the province of Davao del Norte to celebrate its 19th Founding Anniversary.

Malacañang Palace

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