Filipino Patient With 2019-nCoV In UAE ‘In Stable Condition’, Says Envoy

An envoy of Manila on Tuesday said that a Filipino in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who tested positive for the 2019 novel coronavirus was “in stable condition”.

This, as Philippine Ambassador to the UAE Hjayceelyn Quintana on Tuesday said that authorities didn’t disclose how the Filipino caught the 2019 novel coronavirus. Quintana added that the Filipino had no history of any respiratory or heart disease.

Filipino Patient With 2019 Novel Coronavirus In United Arab Emirates ‘In Stable Condition’, Says Envoy | Photo from Satish Kumar, File Photo, Reuters

According to Philippine Ambassador to the UAE Hjayceelyn Quintana, a Filipino patient was “stable” as the patient has been given maximum support by health authorities. Quintana also said that Filipinos in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were “very understanding and calm” over the situation.

As of Tuesday, February 11, the 2019 novel coronavirus has killed more than 1,000 people and infected more than 43,000.

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