William Martinez Speaks About Relationship w/ Ex-Wife Yayo Aguila

How Is the Relationship of William Martinez w/ His Ex-Wife Yayo Aguila?

WILLIAM MARTINEZ – The actor spoke about his relationship with his ex-wife, actress Yayo Aguila.

Sadly, a lot of celebrity relationships came to separation. Some couples’ relationship worked out for several years but then, it eventually came to separation over various reasons.

One of the celebrity couples who broke up are actor William Martinez and actress Yayo Aguila. They met through Bagets. It was in 1985 when the two (2) celebrities officially tied the knot.

William and Yayo have children. However, relationship of the two (2) celebrities came to an end after more than 20 years of marriage.

William Martinez, Yayo Aguila
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Recently, speaking to Pep, William Martinez revealed his relationship with his ex-wife, Yayo Aguila, now. He did not directly answered whether they are friends or not but he did have an explanation.

According to the 80s matinee idol, he cannot fight against his ex-wife considering their children. Their children are living with their mother and he has “no choice” but to live alone.

“Basta, nasa kanya iyong mga anak ko lahat, e. So, wala akong choice, e. I live alone,” the actor said.

Based on the report, William Martinez also spoke about his and Yayo Aguila’s love life. According to the actor, he and his ex-wife both tried to be in a relationship with other persons but it did not work out.

The children of the actor even approached him if they can be together as a family during occasions as he and Yayo are both not in a relationship with other people now. Both of them also do not want to be in a relationship.

“Sabi ko, ‘Hindi na puwede, mga anak. Kumbaga, when your mama and I are together… Hindi [kami] makapagtabi,” he said based on the report.

According to William, maybe the love between him and Yayo has died. The actor also does not want to keep his hopes up in making it alive again.

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  1. Try and try, try to keep it alive,, at that age,. Nothing is best but to make the family complete again.. nobody can live you more than your old partner… Try to be forgiving and remember the sweetness before…. It should be sweeter this time because you have kids to spice up life…they are the honey and cheese in life


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