Tutti Caringal Speaks Up On Animal Cruelty Allegations

6Cyclemind vocalist Tutti Caringal broke the silence for the first time after his comment about allegedly “shooting” a stray cat using an airgun.

Tutti Caringal
Instagram photo from Tutti Caringal

This, after one of its members posted a question about the “best humane way to stop stray cats from hanging/living in your garden and lanai” in a “Best of the Best” Facebook group.

In his Instagram post, Tutti Caringal clarified that his purpose in buying an airgun was to shoot the soil or the garbage bin in order for the cat to leave the area.

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Hi guys. Looks like the cat issue is getting out of hand and I'm sure all of you would like to hear my side. I will give you 2 explanations. A long detailed one and a short and simple one. Here’s the long one: May isang facebook group ang pangalan Best of the Best. Ang posts dun ay "Where is the best place to eat steak? What is the best way to fix my car?" etc. So may nag post "What is the best humane way to get rid of stray cats living in your backyard?" Mga pusang gala kumbaga. Nagcomment ako. Sabi ko “I BOUGHT AN AIRGUN JUST FOR THAT”. Wala akong binanggit na namamaril ako ng pusa mismo. In fact, I even explained na lupa binabaril ko or yung basurahan para magulat yung cat. That’s basically it. Diko na pinahaba, i deleted the post nalang. Here’s the short and direct to the point explanation: I DID NOT NOR HAVE I EVER NOR DO I INTEND TO SHOOT OR HURT ANY CAT OR ANIMAL. Though crass and distasteful, they were meant to be JOKES. Those who know me would know and understand my humor. That being said, I apologize for being offensive, especially to our four-legged friends. 😽😽😽 Thank you and Happy New Year to all. Rakenrol 🤘

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Tutti later apologized for his jokes and admitted they were “crass and distasteful.” He also apologized for “being offensive” to the stray cats.

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