Taal Eruption: Netizens Slam Sellers of Face Masks at Much Higher Price

Netizens slammed sellers of face masks at a much higher price amid Taal eruption

Taal Eruption – Netizens called out to those who are selling the N95 face masks at a much higher price than it was normally sold.

Taal Volcano is one of the most visited places in Luzon. Many love its picturesque view as it is seated in the middle of Taal Lake. However, many were devastated when it started to spurt out ashes early afternoon of Sunday, January 12.

taal eruption
Photo courtesy of BBC

The volcano blasted steam and ash up to 1 kilometer into the sky, based on the report from Inquirer. This is amid its signs of restiveness in recent months. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) already raised the danger level to 4 yesterday.

Many residents near the area already evacuated. Reports stated that ashes reached Metro Manila and classes were already suspended. Amid this devastating situation in the National Capital Region, it appeared that opportunists are still lurking.

taal eruption
Photo courtesy of CNN

Based on the Twitter post of user @judephilipm, there were those people who are selling the N95 mask at a very high price than the usual. The post stated:

“A big F*** Y** for the people who are selling N95 Facemasks for 300PHP EACH to those affected in the Taal Ashfall when it originally costs around 75PHP. Safety is a RIGHT, NOT A PRIVILEGE. AND PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE ACCESS TO CONVENIENT SAFETY DEVICES.”

screenshot of netizen’s post / @judephilipm Twitter

This post also caught the attention of many netizens who also despised this kind of action amid the Taal eruption. Here are some of the comments.

“Keep the receipt and make the appropriate complaint sa DTI. This is beyond robbery.” – Twitter user @MommaA45324101

“Grabe naman. Walang awa, Karmahin sana mga nagbebenta ng mahal” – Twitter user @danicajoylibre

“Sa amin po 185 ang benta ng N95 facemasks. Mahal pa din kaya hindi na bumili yung mama ko. Marami pa naman ang may asthma sa amin.” – Twitter user @pony_curious

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