Provincial Government of Negros Oriental Issues Statement On Meningococcemia Case

The Provincial Government of Negros Oriental has issued a statement Wednesday evening on the suspected case of Meningococcemia.


In a statement from the Provincial Government of Negros Oriental, the patient was admitted to Holy Child Hospital (HCH) showing the symptoms of Meningococcemia. The said patient was later transferred to Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH) for treatment.

According to the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital, a blood sample from the patient has been taken by HCH for “confirmatory purposes”. Yet, the NOPH added that the patient was”unstable” at that point.

Provincial Government of Negros Oriental encouraged the public to refrain from creating stories “until such time the laboratory test comes out to confirm the disease or not.” The provincial government also urged HCH and DOH to release an official statement regarding the incident.

Also, the provincial government strongly advised the public to stop posting unverified information about the case on social media platforms that would cause undue and unnecessary public panic, as well as not putting Dumaguete and the entire Province of Negros Oriental in a bad light.[0]=68.ARCXpZcX6_oTJ-688lbLzOjf_tSov6ElUJbSduQzOeSkC5osygVL-IxCjs907A_ZDHXd-M99p0Stqb-b-omhKqAtc_GcpVYjlOX7pNVm2-kZVNJUD4bwO3pmXtpeHxcfPUdiCXr2gJLWRzvIwIrN6dvgcCd4PP0Pk6Ar93GJvmMrbSCiAP5L3K6bLUOGQXQOtAVpXcHwZmBFUsdTSdDB8d_0Eiuc0AC71cj8QEigrECvE_wYC4ACgTVkQfSKUKvMiFpljTqXkAkyblMqmTBPSG4aIZI7ueuTFztKjLD0up21L51Jg5Fywx7VjW8qJPoMTiuIeRLnbMLn3aAHh-5Drw&__tn__=-R

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