Previous Marriage of Derek Now ‘Null And Void’

Atty. Josabeth “Joji” Alonso, Derek Ramsay’s lawyer, confirmed that Derek’s previous “marriage has long been declared null and void.”

Previous Marriage
Previous Marriage of Derek Now ‘Null And Void’ | Instagram photo from Derek Ramsay

Atty. Josabeth “Joji” Alonso added that Derek was “confirming the fact that he is no longer married to anyone.” Yet, Neither Ramsay nor Alonso mentioned who Derek was referring to.

Derek previously had a publicized court battle with Mary Christine Jolly in 2014. At that time, Mary Christine Jolly was accusing Derek Ramsay of neglecting their “child” and even filed a concubinage case against Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban, who was his girlfriend at that time.

Despite having a “compromise agreement” later that year, the date when marriage was declared null and void remains unclear as of this writing.

At present, Derek Ramsay had a relationship with his girlfriend and co-star Andrea Torres.

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I’ve had numerous heart to heart talks with the Lord leading up to the day we crossed paths. I’d always tell him “Lord, I feel like I’m ready but I trust your timing. I’m going to be patient. I know I’ll be able to tell if the person came from You.” Truly, when you let go and let Him handle it, amazing things happen. From the very start we always say this – it’s as if the Universe is rooting for us. Everything is falling into place so easily and now, I can’t even remember how life was like without you. It’s as if I’ve known you for years. There is no doubt in my heart that you are my answered prayer. My love, I will never run out of ways to show you how much I appreciate you. I wake up everyday with one constant goal – to make you happy 😊 Remember that you’ll never have to face anything alone. I’m just always behind you – cheering for you, comforting you and, my favorite, making sure you’re well taken care of 😊 Happy happy happy Birthday @ramsayderek07 ! I got youuu! Hahaha! Surprise!!! 🤗😘 Just want to remind you how special you are to so many people as well ❤️

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