Buyer Slams Bogus Seller In Bacolod City

A certain video caught the attention of netizens when a bogus seller was caught by a buyer inside the computer shop in Bacolod City.


It was when Heneral Panda Panda, an uploader of the video who was also a victim of bogus selling, caught a bogus seller inside the computer shop in Bacolod City. He was recording a live video while waiting for the seller to claim his full refund.

The uploader had a transaction with a bogus seller named Ryan Christopher Doronila, or also known as Gaspar Tryinghard on his Facebook account. The buyer ordered a Samsung laptop, yet he received a “fully-destroyed” laptop.

He preferred not to call the cops, instead, he was waiting for a refund from the seller. He believed that Ryan Christopher Doronila can change himself after the incident.

The bogus seller was then brought by a police officer to the police station.

This video was also shared in a buy-and-sell Facebook group in Bacolod City in order for the buyers and sellers to become aware of bogus buying/selling on social media.

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