Gretchen Barretto Did This During Lea Salonga’s Christmas Concert

Gretchen Barretto watched the Christmas concert of Lea Salonga and this happened.

Former actress Gretchen Barretto watched the Christmas concert of Broadway star Lea Salonga just recently and this is what happened.

Gretchen Barretto
Photo courtesy of When In Manila

Everyone in the entertainment industry can attest to the power of Lea to the members of the audience once she starts performing. She is known for her almost perfect, if not really perfect, performances. It is also known that many celebrities, as well as her fellow Pinoy singers, admire and look up to her.

Apparently, this kind of effect on the audience was also experienced by Gretchen when she watched the recent concert of Lea. The former actress watched together with her longtime partner Tonyboy Cojuangco, business partner Atong Ang, Frontrow head RS Francisco, and some other friends.

screenshot from IG video / @gretchenbarretto

Greta shared several photos and videos taken during that event on her Instagram account. In one of the videos, Lea Salonga was singing the 90s hit song of the group Hanson, titled MMM Bop. It can be seen that Gretchen Barretto enjoyed that song as she was dancing with her friends. They were all seated in front of the stage.

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The former actress also shared that her friend Mimi Que was so thrilled to have photos with the Broadway diva backstage. Several of the videos also showed that Greta and her friends were enjoying singing along with Lea’s songs. Apparently, even after the concert, Gretchen Barretto was still having LSS or last song syndrome.

Here are some of the photos that Gretchen shared on her Instagram account.

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