Candidates Offering Free Rides May Potentially Be Charged With Vote-buying


Candidates may potentially be charged with vote-buying for offering free rides VOTE-BUYING – The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has warned candidates that they could potentially face charges if they offer free rides on October 30, the day of the election. Vote buying is an illegal and unethical practice that occurs during elections. It involves candidates … Read more

Vote-Buying in the Philippines: A Threat to Fair and Honest Elections


Challenges of Combating Vote-Buying in Philippine Elections The persistence of vote-buying and selling in Philippine elections, despite stringent regulations and clear warnings, is a grave concern for the democratic process. These illicit practices, involving the exchange of money, gifts, or favors for votes, undermine the very foundations of fair and honest elections. The fact that … Read more

Comelec Spox James Jimenez Slams Candidate Over Vote-Buying

Comelec spox James Jimenez

James Jimenez, a Comelec spokesperson, has a message to a candidate over vote-buying JAMES JIMENEZ – The spokesperson of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) slammed an unnamed candidate over vote-buying. Vote-buying occurs when a political party or candidate seeks to buy the vote of a voter in an upcoming election. It can take various forms … Read more

COMELEC To Work With E-Wallet Operators vs Online Vote-buying


COMELEC was set to work with e-wallet operators against online vote-buying. COMELEC — The Commission on Elections was set to work with electronic wallet operators in order to help the poll body track vote-buying online for the 2022 elections. COMELEC spokesperson James Jimenez bared on “The Mangahas Interviews” that vote-buying was prevalent online via e-wallets … Read more