VIDEO: Netizens React To Benny Blanco’s Jollibee Review

Benny Blanco, Jollibee 4

Benny Blanco Video Criticizing Jollibee Elicited Reaction From Pinoy Netizens BENNY BLANCO – Lots of Filipino netizens reacted to the viral food review of American record producer Benny Blanco. Benny Blanco, also known as Benjamin Joseph Levin, is a renowned American record producer born in the United States. Blanco has familial ties to the Philippines, … Read more

Japanese Girl in Viral TikTok Video Shares Heartbreaking Story

Japanese Girl

Viral Japanese Girl Shares Heartbreaking Story The cute Japanese girl in Viral TikTok video has shared her heartbreaking story despite her sweet smile and impressive acting skills. A Facebook user named Jamesmond Reyes has shared the entertaining TikTok video of a cute Japanese girl identified as Sakura. The video immediately spread like a wildfire online … Read more