DICT Says International Criminal Syndicate May Be Behind “Personalized” Text Scam

text scammers

DICT Secretary Ivan John Uy: “We are on top of it right now… This is more than meets the eye.” DICT — The Department of Information and Communications Technology said that an international criminal syndicate may be behind the “personalized” text scams. DICT Secretary Ivan John Uy told the House Committee on Appropriations deliberating on … Read more

NPC Vows To Protect Data Amidst “Personalized” Text Scams

National Privacy Commission (NPC)

NPC: “We will relentlessly protect the Filipino against any unscrupulous attempt to take advantage of our personal data.” NPC — The National Privacy Commission vowed to protect the data of Filipinos amidst “personalized” text scams. To recall, the Commission said on Thursday that the information being used by text scammers may have been sourced from … Read more

NTC Orders Telecommunications Companies Anew To Warn Public Against “Personalized” Text Scams


The NTC has issued a similar order on the “personalized” text scams in late August. NTC — The National Telecommunications Commission ordered telecommunications companies anew to warn the public against the proliferation of “personalized” text scams. To recall, NTC issued a similar order on the “personalized” text scams or unsolicited text messages containing the names … Read more

NTC Orders Officials, Telcos To Warn Public Anew vs Fake Job Text Scams


NTC: “The proliferation of fake job text scams has continued and even intensified over the past month” NTC — On Friday, the National Telecommunications Commission ordered its regional directors and the 3 major telecommunications companies to warn the public anew against fake job text scams which continued to intensify. The National Telecommunications Commission said in … Read more