Boyfriend Cover up Tattoo of Ex-Girlfriend’s Face with a Warrior: “Snow White turned to batosay”

girlfriend to warrior

Tattoo of girlfriend’s face becomes a Samurai FROM GIRLFRIEND TO WARRIOR – The video of a guy undergoing the process of covering up his tattoo has gone viral online. Tattoo cover-ups have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more people seek to change or conceal unwanted tattoos. Covering up a tattoo involves using ink … Read more

Lea Salonga Slams Class Module Linking Tattoos w/ Criminals

Lea Salonga

Pinay Singer Lea Salonga Criticizes Class Module Linking Tattoos w/ Criminals The Filipina celebrity Lea Salonga lambasted and criticized the class module linking tattoos with criminals. Recently, Maria Lea Carmen Imutan Salonga or popularly known as Lea Salonga slammed a self-learning module, which allegedly discriminates people with tattoos. She expressed her disappointment against the author. … Read more