Scottish Vlogger Dale Philip Criticized for ‘Constantly Complaining’ About His Flight to Bohol

Dale Philips

Dale Philip Faces Criticism Again Over Flight to Bohol DALE PHILIP – The Scottish vlogger faced criticism again, this time for expressing dissatisfaction with his flight to Bohol. Previously, the travel vlogger gained attention online after releasing a video in which he called out customers for prolonged stays in coffee shops, such as Starbucks, using … Read more

Scottish Vlogger Dale Philip Criticized for Calling Out Customers Turning Starbucks into a Workspace

Dale Philip

After calling out customers for turning Starbucks into their workspace, Scottish vlogger Dale Philip faced criticism DALE PHILIP – The Scottish travel vlogger faced backlash from online users after he called out customers turning coffee shops like Starbucks into workspaces. While in the Philippines, Dale recorded Starbucks customers using laptops and expressed disapproval of their … Read more

Scottish Vlogger Not Pleased with Customers Using Starbucks in PH as Workspace


Travel vlogger expresses disappointment with customers using Starbucks in the Philippines as a workspace DALE PHILIP – The travel vlogger who’s based in the United Kingdom was not pleased with customers using Starbucks in the Philippines as workspace. In his vlog, he was taken aback to see that Starbucks, one of the most popular coffee … Read more