Teenager Receives Criticism While Trying to Earn Money Through Online Selling


Teenager Trying to Earn Money Through Online Selling, Receives Distasteful Remarks From Bashers A teenager became the subject of public sympathy after being criticized by netizens while engaged in online selling on TikTok. Recently, the Facebook account of Juvie Mariano, shared the video footage of a young boy diligently selling clothes online to earn money. … Read more

Woman Sells Products Online While Taking a Bath

taking a bath selling

Live selling while taking a bath MIMA KURS – A woman named Jiezelle Anne Gonzales has gained attention for her unique approach to online selling. She has taken live selling to a whole new level by conducting her livestreams while taking a bath. This creative strategy has been dubbed her “ligoserye” and has become a … Read more

Live Selling Turned K-Drama Goes Viral

live selling to k-drama

From Live Selling to K-Drama LIVE SELLING TO K-DRAMA – A live selling session turned into a captivating K-Drama-like experience has gone viral on social media. Live selling, also known as livestream shopping or live commerce, is a new trend in e-commerce where sellers use live video to showcase and sell their products online. It … Read more

Madam Inutz Reveals Receiving Money In Her E-wallet From Followers

Madam Inutz

Madam Inutz revealed that she’s receiving money in her e-wallet from her followers. MADAM INUTZ — The former “PBB Kumunity Season 10” housemate recently revealed that she’s receiving money in her e-wallet from her followers. Madam Inutz was known for her eloquence which she mixed with swearing. Her live online selling on Facebook reaches millions … Read more

E-Commerce Group Encourages Public to Shop Online Amid Pandemic

E-Commerce Group

Public Advised to Shop Online Amid Pandemic, E-Commerce Group Says An e-commerce group is encouraging the public to shop online for ‘e-Aguinaldo’ amid the coronavirus pandemic. Digital Commerce Association of the Philippines executive director Mark Joseph Panganiban is encouraging the public to turn to online sellers on social media for buying gifts during the Christmas … Read more