Janno Gibbs Shares Last Moments with Dad Ronaldo Valdez

Janno Gibbs and Ronaldo Valdez

Before Ronaldo Valdez passed away, Janno Gibbs had last moments with his dad JANNO GIBBS – The actor-turned-director shared the final moments he spent with his father, the late veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez, before his passing. In a media conference on January 15, 2023, Janno expressed the difficulty of witnessing such a scene and emphasized … Read more

Janno Gibbs Walking Out on Rendon Labador: The Truth

Janno Gibbs and Rendon Labador

Here’s the truth about Janno Gibbs’ walkout during the interview with Rendon Labador JANNO GIBBS – The singer/actor/television host has broken his silence on the alleged walkout incident during an interview with “motivational speaker” Rendon Labador on the Men’s Room show. In a post on his Instagram account, Janno issued an apology, acknowledging that he … Read more

Janno Gibbs Reacts to Lea Salonga’s Issue

Janno Gibbs and Lea Salonga

Here’s the reaction of Janno Gibbs to the issue of Lea Salonga JANNO GIBBS – The singer/actor reacted to the issue involving Lea Salonga and Filipino fans backstage on Broadway. The singer made rounds online following a video of her declining some fans’ request to take a backstage photo with her. The video, shared by … Read more

Janno Gibbs Claps Back At ‘Showbiz Colleague’ Who Tells Him He Gained Weight

Janno Gibbs

Janno Gibbs: “Bumped into a showbiz colleague from before. Small talk. He then casually said, ‘Tumaba ka ha’” JANNO GIBBS – The seasoned singer-songwriter clapped back at a “showbiz colleague” who “casually” told him that he gained weight. On Monday, the seasoned singer-songwriter posted a photo on his social media account wherein he shared an … Read more