Grade 2 Student Dies After Choking on Candy

choking on candy

Grade 2 student chokes to death on a candy CHOKING – A grade 2 student from Cadiz East Elementary School passed away after he choke on a candy. The incident happened during recess when the male child suddenly stood up and drank water. However, shortly afterwards, he clasped his throat and was immediately taken to … Read more

Student-Athlete Dies After Choking During a Hot Dog Eating Contest

hot dog eating contest choking

Hot dog eating contest? student-athlete dies after choking MADELYN “MADIE” NICPON – A student/athlete died after choking during a hot dog eating contest. Choking is a blockage of the upper airway by food or other objects, which prevents a person from breathing effectively. When a choking incident happens, the basic treatment is by performing “Abdominal Thrusts.” … Read more

3-Year-Old Girl Dies After Choking on Candy

choking on candy

Choking on candy A 3-year-old girl passed away after choking on a jelly candy in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija. Recently, Neth Pineda Parungao, the mother of Amara, went to the social networking site, Facebook wherein she posted a photo of her daughter and the jelly candy that took her life. Her post was then flooded with … Read more