Bea Alonzo’s Manager Shirley Kuan Reveals Why She Won’t Promote ‘1521’

Bea Alonzo

Why Bea Alonzo won’t promote ‘1521’? SHIRLEY KUAN – The manager of Bea Alonzo revealed why her talent won’t promote the movie “1521.” In an exclusive interview with on October 4, 2023, Shirley unveiled the working conditions that Bea encountered during the movie’s production. Shirley, a seasoned talent manager who has been guiding Bea’s … Read more

BEA ALONZO VS LOLIT SOLIS – Actress’s Manager Consults Lawyer Amid Attacks

Bea Alonzo and Lolit Solis

Manager of Bea Alonzo consults lawyer amid attacks of Lolit Solis against actress SHIRLEY KUAN – The manager of Bea Alonzo confirmed that she consulted a lawyer amid the attacks of the entertainment columnist towards her talent. The “unprovoked attacks” of Lolit against Bea using Instagram and other platforms started when Alonzo, a premium artist … Read more

Bea Alonzo New Manager Speaks Up Regarding Star Cinema Projects

Bea Alonzo New Manager, Shirley Kuan Speaks Up On Actress’ Star Cinema Projects BEA ALONZO NEW MANAGER – Shirley Kuan, Kapamilya actress Bea Alonzo’s new manager spoke up on concerns regarding her Star Cinema Projects. Recently, the showbiz industry of the Philippines was buzzing as Bea Alonzo announced that she was parting ways with Star … Read more