Avocado for Dogs? Here’s What You Should Know…

Avocado for Dogs

AVOCADO FOR DOGS – Here are some things you should know about the effects of giving your dog a slice of the avocado fruit. Fruits may be good for dogs but not all of them have positive effects on your fur babies. In this article, let us check whether giving your dog a slice of … Read more

Is Ice Cream Good for Dogs? Here’s What You Must Know…

Is Ice Cream Good for Dogs

IS ICE CREAM GOOD FOR DOGS – Many people love eating ice cream but, the question is, can you give it to your dog? Ice cream, which comes in different flavors, is a favorite of many people both kids and adults. Usually, there is a scenario at home that your dog will catch you licking … Read more

Is Pepper Bad for Dogs? Here’s What You Should Know

Is Pepper Bad for Dogs

IS PEPPER BAD FOR DOGS – Are you wondering if pepper is totally safe or it can hurt your fur babies? Black pepper is one of those that are common in most kitchens. Thus, there are really a huge tendency that your dog might fight them and eat them. The question is, is it safe … Read more

Dog Helping Master to Sell “Dalanghita” Goes Viral Online


Adorable Dog Goes Viral Online for Helping Master to Sell “Dalanghita” A dog helping its master to sell “Dalanghita” fruits beside the road in Quezon Province goes viral after it was posted online. Dog is one of the most popular animal in various regions all across the globe. In fact, a lot of people prefer to … Read more