US Coronavirus Death Toll Jumps By Over 2,500 In Just A Day

US Coronavirus Death Toll - President Donald Trump

Update on the US Coronavirus Death Toll Amid the Outbreak of Pandemic US CORONAVIRUS DEATH TOLL – The total COVID-19 deaths in the United States has increased by over 2,500 in just one (1) day. United States is currently the hardest-hit city with regards to coronavirus, a pandemic that urged several nations to lock down … Read more

Pizza Delivery Boy Infected w/ COVID-19; Over 70 Families Monitored

Pizza Delivery Boy COVID-19

Over 70 Families on Self-Quarantine After Pizza Delivery Boy Tested Positive for COVID-19 PIZZA DELIVERY BOY – A guy working on a pizza restaurant in New Delhi, India tested positive for coronavirus and more than 70 families have to be monitored. More than 200 countries across the globe now are fighting against a common enemy … Read more

Total Coronavirus Cases in the World Over 2-Million Now

Total Coronavirus Cases World

Update on the Total Coronavirus Cases in the World Now Amid Pandemic TOTAL CORONAVIRUS CASES – The total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the world is over two (2) million now. The world now is faced with a huge challenge – the coronavirus or COVID-19 which claimed more than 130,000 lives already. The said disease … Read more

26-Year-Old Female Doctor Intubated & Now Critical Due to COVID-19

Female Doctor COVID-19

Netizens Seek Prayers For 26-Year-Old Female Doctor Who Contracted COVID-19 FEMALE DOCTOR – A 26-year-old doctor, Dr. Carmina Fuentabella, was intubated and now in critical condition due to COVID-19. The doctors and the nurses are on the front line in the fight against coronavirus or COVID-19. Every day, there is a huge chance that they … Read more