BIR Requirements for Business Registration for Corporations & Partnerships

List of BIR Requirements for Business Registration Corporations & Partnerships Must Prepare & Submit

BIR REQUIREMENTS FOR BUSINESS REGISTRATION – Here are the documents corporations and partnerships must submit in registering a business to the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Running a business in the Philippines is not simply about preparing the working capital, looking for a location, delivering your services and products, and earning money. There are some things that you need to consider before starting or expanding your business.

BIR Requirements for Business Registration for Corporations & Partnerships
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For the legality of the business, you need to obtain the necessary permits and have your business registered to the entities needed — like the Bureau of Internal Revenue. More popularly called BIR, it is the tax-collecting body in the Philippines.

BIR Requirements for Business Registration
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If your business is registered to the Bureau of Internal Revenue, you can have your own legal invoice or receipts that can be issued to clients and customers. Truth be told that a lot of people and companies require invoice when acquiring a service or product for certain purposes like reimbursement or liquidation.

In registering a business to the Social Security System, there are documents that you need to submit to the tax-collecting agency. If the business is run by a corporation or partnership, you must prepare the following BIR requirements for Business Registration:

  • BIR Form No. 1903 version January 2018
  • SEC Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Recording (in case of partnership) or License to Do Business in the Philippines (in case of foreign corporation)
  • Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Partnerships
  • BIR Printed Receipt/Invoice or Final & clear sample of OWN Principal Receipts Invoices (Sample layout is also available at the New Business Registrant Counter
  • Payment of P530.00, if applicable, for the following:
    • P500.00 Annual Registration Fee (RF)
    • P30.00 Loose Stamp/s (DST) to be affixed on the Certificate of Registration

There are additional BIR requirements for Business Registration that the Bureau of Internal Revenue may require. Here are the possible additional requirements:

  • Board Resolution indicating the purpose and the name of the authorized representative or Secretary‘s Certificate
  • Any government-issued ID of the authorized representative
  • Franchise Documents
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Memorandum of Agreement for joint venture
  • Certificate of Authority, if Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBE) registered entity
  • Proof of Registration/Permit to Operate BOI/BOI-ARMM, PEZA, BCDA, TIEZA/TEZA, SBMA, etc.

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