Tekstong Naratibo Kahulugan – Elemento At Iba Pa

Ano Ang Kahulugan Ng Tekstong Naratibo? (Sagot) TEKSTONG NARATIBO – Sa paksang ito, ating tatalakayin ang tinatawag na “tekstong naratibo” at ang kahulugan nito. Maraming paraan ng pagsusulat at magpahayag ng isang teksto at isa na rito ang tekstong naratibo. Mula sa salitang ingles na “narrative”, ito ay lumalayong maipahayag ang nangyayari sa mga tauhan … Read more

Entertainment Speech Examples And Its Definition

What Exactly Is An Entertainment Speech And Its Examples? (Answer) ENTERTAINMENT SPEECH EXAMPLES – When we’re at an event, there should always be somebody that’s brought in to entertain the audience. With this, the audience gets captivated and would likely have a better time at the event. As such, event planners and organizers often higher … Read more

The Soul Of The Great Bell Summary (Short Summary)

Here Is The Summary Of “The Soul Of The Great Bell” THE SOUL OF THE GREAT BELL – In this article, we are going to learn about the “Soul of the Great Bell” through a short summary. Way back 500 years, prominent bell smiths and molders are commanded by the Celestial August and Yung-Lo to … Read more

Manila Bay Dolomite Investigations – Senator Urges Probe Into Project

Senator Pushes For Investigations On Manila Bay Dolomite Project MANILA BAY DOLOMITE – Senator Francis Pangilinan pushed for investigations into the potential hazards of the Manila Bay Dolomite project. According to Pangilinan, the “nourishment project” for Manila Bay was wasteful and unnecessary. As such, he urged a probe into the potential health and environmental hazards … Read more

Trump Live Broadcasts Stopped Due To “Lies”, Disinformation

Trump Live Broadcasts Stopped For Spreading Disinformation Says US Networks TRUMP LIVE BROADCASTS STOPPED – Several US Networks stopped covering US President Donald Trump’s first live coverage since election night. Currently, former Vice President Joe Biden is taking the lead with merely 6 electoral votes away from becoming President. Since then, Trump’s camp has been … Read more