Jessy Mendiola Responds When Asked if She’s Open to Working with Ex JM de Guzman

Is Jessy Mendiola open to working with her ex-boyfriend JM de Guzman?

JESSY MENDIOLA – The wife of Luis Manzano responded when asked if she’s open to working with her ex-boyfriend JM de Guzman.

Jessy recently signed an exclusive contract with Star Magic, after a five-year hiatus due to the pandemic and her marriage to Luis Manzano. With her return, questions arose about her stance on doing intimate scenes now that she has a husband and child.

Jessy mentioned that while it would take significant convincing for her to do sensual and kissing scenes, she is open to it if it is essential to the story. Luis Manzano supports her in this regard, advising her to take on roles that require such scenes if they are necessary for the story but to avoid anything she is uncomfortable with.

Regarding the possibility of working with her ex-boyfriend, JM de Guzman, who is also a Kapamilya, Jessy noted that despite their past relationship, they have never worked together. She clarified that people might have assumed they had worked together because they were in a relationship.

When asked by Direk Lauren Dyogi if she would be willing to work with JM, Jessy responded affirmatively, emphasizing that she has moved on and holds no bad feelings towards anyone. Jessy expressed her happiness and gratitude for the opportunity to make a comeback, reflecting on the unexpected nature of her return to the industry.

Jessy and JM’s relationship lasted two years before they broke up in 2013. They reconciled in April 2015 but separated again after a few months. Now, Jessy is focused on her career and is open to working with JM or any other former colleagues, highlighting her professional attitude and willingness to move forward. She feels supported by her husband Luis and is enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead as she resumes her acting career with Star Magic.

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