Jed Madela’s Former Manager Calls Out Singer Over His New Song, Tagging Him as Ungrateful

Former manager of Jed Madela calls out the singer over his new song

ANNIE MERCADO – The former manager of Kapamilya singer Jed Madela is furious over a new song released by the artist. On Thursday, July 4, 2024, Jed released two new songs on Spotify, coinciding with his concert titled “Welcome to My World” at the Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan City, on July 5, 2024. The songs are titled “Welcome to My World” and “I Wish U the Worst.”

Annie expressed her feelings on Facebook hours before Jed’s concert, suggesting that the song “I Wish U the Worst” is directed at her. She shared how close her family was to Jed and accused him of ingratitude.

Annie Mercado expressed her frustration, stating that while she was focused on her life of positivity, a friend’s message about Jed Madela’s new song prompted her to speak out. She accused Jed of ungratefulness, claiming that despite her family’s care and love for him since he arrived in Manila, he directed his negative song at them. Annie decided not to stay silent any longer and refused to engage in Jed’s alleged victim-playing game.

Annie dissected some lyrics from Jed’s song, expressing her pain over specific lines. She criticized the song’s negativity and accused Jed of always playing the victim while being the offender. She warned Jed not to taunt her with a song and threatened to go public with the truth if he didn’t.

In the comments section, Annie revealed that she managed Jed for over two decades and knew him since birth. She claimed that her family loved Jed like a son and brother, but he chose to disrespect them, which marked the end for her.

A relative of Annie commented on her post, accusing Jed of never taking accountability for his actions and always blaming others. Annie further revealed that she often had to cover for Jed, including when he referred to people at “ASAP” as “monkeys,” for which she apologized.

Another commenter accused Jed of financial misconduct, which Annie also addressed. reached out to Jed and Annie for their sides of the story but received no response at the time of writing.

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