Jed Madela Breaks Silence on Accusations Made Against Him by His Former Manager

Jed Madela Speaks Out on Rants from His Former Manager

JED MADELA – The Kapamilya singer has addressed accusations made against him by his former manager, Annie Mercado.

On July 5, 2024, Annie took to social media to publicly address her feelings about Jed’s new song, “Wish U The Worst,” which she believes is aimed at her. Annie, who had considered Jed as family even before managing him, expressed shock and disappointment at what she perceived as a wave of negativity and bitterness in the song. She described her decision to speak out after trying to maintain positivity and peace in her life despite ongoing issues.

Annie accused Jed of portraying himself as a victim while being the instigator behind their falling out, hinting at financial disagreements without specifying details. She emphasized that the song’s title alone reflected Jed’s investment in negativity. Annie challenged Jed to face the truth publicly or she would, suggesting unresolved issues that had strained their over two-decade professional and personal relationship.

In an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN News on July 8, Jed responded to Annie’s public criticisms, describing their disagreement as a family matter that should be handled privately. He clarified that his song “Wish U The Worst,” which Annie believed targeted her, was not written by him but by Kio Priest.

“I didn’t write the song. It was written by Kio Priest. It just so happened that it was offered to me, I wanted a new sound. Ni-record ko siya, you have to go with the flow of how things are now. It just so happened na it got caught in the middle. It’s a song,” he said.

Jed expressed surprise at Annie’s reaction, emphasizing that the song was meant to explore a new musical direction rather than intentionally provoke anyone. Despite their rift, Jed expressed gratitude for Annie’s pivotal role in his career’s early stages and hoped for reconciliation in the future, noting their differing current priorities.

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