Giant Lapu-Lapu Caught in Romblon

In Romblon, a giant lapu-lapu was caught

LAPU-LAPU – A giant grouper was caught in the waters of Romblon.

“Lapu-lapu” refers to a group of large fish known as groupers, popular in Filipino and Southeast Asian cooking. These fish are known for their strong bodies, powerful mouths, and typically spotted coloring, which helps them blend into their rocky or coral reef homes. They are commonly found in warm waters and prefer habitats with plenty of places to hide and small fish and crustaceans to eat.

In Filipino cuisine, lapu-lapu is highly valued for its firm, white meat that can be cooked in various ways like grilling, frying, steaming, or used in soups and stews. Its large size and freshness often make it a centerpiece during celebrations and special gatherings, symbolizing abundance and culinary skill. Beyond its role in cooking, lapu-lapu also holds cultural importance, being part of local traditions and festivals.


However, the popularity of lapu-lapu in fish markets has raised concerns about catching too many and whether their populations can be sustained. Conservation efforts and careful fishing practices are essential to ensure these fish can continue to thrive and maintain the health of their ocean homes. Lapu-lapu fish are not just a symbol of biodiversity in the sea but also a crucial part of how coastal communities connect with their marine environment for food and cultural practices.


In Romblon, a giant grouper or lapu-lapu was caught, as seen in a Facebook post by Zhea Khaye with several men surrounding the massive fish. Estimated to weigh around 200 kilograms, the fish was so large that it needed to be tied up by those who caught it.

In fact, residents worked together to lift the giant grouper out of the water. A fisherman identified as Nonoy Gan was the one who captured the lapu-lapu in the waters of Barangay Tumingad in Odiongan, Romblon.

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