Francis M’s Alleged Daughter Francesca Explains Viral Video of Her Dancing Inside a Bar

Why was Francesca dancing inside a bar with her mom?

FRANCESCA RAIT – The alleged daughter of the late Master Rapper Francis Magalona and former flight attendant Abegail Rait, explained her viral video of dancing inside a bar.

Francesca, who is 15 years old, is the daughter of Abegail Rait, a former flight attendant who claimed to have had a relationship with the late rapper Francis Magalona. This claim was made public during an episode of the YouTube series Pinoy Pawnstars on October 17, 2023. Francesca and her mother visited Boss Toyo’s shop to give him Francis M memorabilia for free, including photos taken by the late rapper. Their appearance on the show led to Francesca receiving numerous offers in show business and helped them start a business.

Francesca gained attention after a video of her dancing at a bar in Las Piñas went viral on social media. In the video, her mother enthusiastically supports her, cheering her on before and applauding after her performance.

Francesca shared the video on her Facebook account, describing it as a promotional reel. In response to comments, she clarified that their actions were part of a promotion and urged viewers not to judge hastily, emphasizing that it was intended as promotional content. “Sana po hindi kayo judgmental. Promotion lang po ang ginagawa namin dito,” she said.

The video sparked discussions online, with varying reactions from netizens. Despite the attention, Francesca expressed hope for understanding from the public regarding her actions and the context of the video.

Meanwhile, influencer Boss Toyo shared the video and tagged Las Piñas officials, urging them to hold the club accountable for allowing a minor to enter. Toyo specifically addressed Camille Villar, asking her to close the club for permitting such activities.

“Ma’am Camille Villar, baka po pwede natin ipasara ang club na ito,” said Toyo. “Minor ang pumasok at ayaw itaas ang post sa mga followers ko. Tulungan natin ang bata, huwag na natin asahan ang nanay. Nagkamali na, ang bata na lang dahil napakabait niya,” he added.

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