BINI Aiah Addresses Uncomfortable Bar Encounter

BINI Aiah Breaks Silence on Uncomfortable Encounter with a Man at a Bar

AIAH ARCETA – A member of the popular P-pop girl group BINI, shared an Instagram Story on Sunday, July 7, 2024 addressing an uncomfortable experience during a private trip to Cebu. The incident, captured in a video circulating on social media, shows a man approaching her in a bar.

Aiah used this platform to highlight the importance of privacy and respect during her personal time. She expressed her frustration with individuals who fail to understand the need for personal space, particularly when she is off-duty. In her statement, Aiah mentioned that she had gone to Cebu to relax and spend time with her family and friends, which brought her happiness. However, she encountered situations where people invaded her privacy by taking photos without consent, posting them in real time, and even sharing her location, which she found unsafe.

While Aiah appreciates meeting fans who share her passion for music, she emphasizes the need for them to recognize and respect her as an individual. She enjoys taking pictures with fans and values their support but hopes for mutual respect for her personal time and humanity. Aiah pointed out that the group’s busy schedule limits their opportunities to go out, making their personal time even more precious.

Aiah also addressed her recent inactivity on social media and her lack of responsiveness to messages, including those from family and friends. She explained that she has been dealing with various issues and needed time and space to process them. She expressed gratitude to those who have been understanding and patient, acknowledging her blessings in having such supportive people around her.

To conclude her message, the 23-year-old star urged netizens to practice kindness online. She reminded everyone to be considerate with their words and actions, as they can significantly impact someone’s well-being.

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