Xian Lim Shares Keanu Reeves’ Quote amid Bashing, Criticisms

Xian Lim Reposts Quote of Hollywood Actor Keanu Reeves

XIAN LIM – The actor-director shared the quote of Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves on social media amid the bashing and criticisms against him.

Undeniably, Xian is one of the Filipino celebrities who earned a lot of criticisms following a breakup. It was in December 2023 when Kim Chiu confirmed her breakup with Xian. The two celebrities were together for 12 years.

Xian Lim, Kim Chiu

Following their breakup, Xian earned a lot of criticisms. There were rumors that the infidelity on the part of the actor was the reason behind their breakup. He denied the allegations saying there was no truth to it. Xian also debunked that he asked Kim to cook steak for him before he broke up with her.

Xian Lim

Film producer Iris Lee was tagged as the alleged third party in the breakup of Kim and Xian who are collectively called “KimXi” by their fans and supporters. Xian clarified that there was no third party. Shortly after rumors linking him to the film producer were out, Xian confirmed that he and Iris Lee are dating.

Iris Lee, Xian Lim

It’s been months now since Kim and Xian have broken up but their relationship and separation still make headlines. Previously, in an interview at an airport, the actress gave a message for her ex-boyfriend telling him that they must give it a rest. She stressed that she never spoke up because she does not want to feel bad.

For his side, Xian Lim explained that he was speaking up not because of a some sort of promotion for his new movie but because even his family is dragged into the issue. He previously claimed that his mother and grandmother are getting threats from mad individuals. Xian also claried that it was not him who initiated their breakup.

Recently, amid intense bashing and criticisms, Xian Lim shared a quote of Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves on his Instagram Story. Here’s his post:

Keanu Reeves Quote

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