SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – Bird Toothpick Box (Features, Specs & Price)

Introducing the Bird Toothpick Box

SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – The Bird Toothpick Box is a clever and practical solution for storing toothpicks while maintaining cleanliness and convenience.

Crafted from sturdy ABS plastic, this storage case is built to last, ensuring durability and longevity. Its compact and sleek design makes it a versatile addition to any home, office, or hotel setting. One of the standout features of this toothpick dispenser is its automatic dispensing mechanism. With just a simple press, it releases a single toothpick, eliminating the need for direct contact and minimizing wastage. This not only promotes hygiene but also ensures efficient usage of toothpicks, making it ideal for both personal and professional environments.

Bird Toothpick Box

The toothpick storage case is designed to keep toothpicks safe from water and dust, ensuring that they remain clean and hygienic for use. This is particularly beneficial in settings where hygiene is paramount, such as kitchens, dining areas, or office spaces. Additionally, the compact size of the dispenser allows it to be placed conveniently on countertops or dining tables without taking up much space.

Bird Toothpick Box

Available in a variety of vibrant colors, including blue, pink, orange, and more, the toothpick dispenser adds a pop of color to any setting while serving its practical purpose. However, please note that the actual color may vary slightly due to differences in computer resolutions.

The Bird Toothpick Box is offered by Elenxs Store, a trusted online retailer known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service. With years of experience in the industry, Elenxs Store ensures customer satisfaction by providing reliable and innovative solutions for everyday needs.

For customers looking to purchase in bulk or avail of special pricing, Elenxs Store offers wholesale options and encourages customers to make an offer. This allows for greater savings and flexibility, making it easier to stock up on essential items like the Bird Toothpick Box which costs ₱114 – ₱177.

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