SB19 Member Stell Wants to Personally Apologize to Sisi Rondina

SB19 Stell on Sisi Rondina: “Hindi ako na-offend”

STELL – The SB19 member expressed his desire to meet and talk with volleyball athlete Sisi Rondina amidst backlash from some SB19 fans after Sisi admitted she didn’t know the popular Filipino pop boy group.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Stell said, “Gusto ko sanang mag-apologize sa kanya ng personal sa nangyari. Mag-meet man lang at mag-sorry lang.” Stell explained that they spoke out because they felt the situation was getting out of hand and emphasized that they do not condone hurtful words against others. He mentioned that he wasn’t offended by Sisi’s comment, saying, “Hindi ako na-offend. Kung ako ‘yun– ipapakilala ko pa nga, ‘ay sila po yung SB19’, sana ganun na lang.”

Stell, the main vocalist and choreographer of SB19, emphasized that they don’t want their fans to engage in behaviors that would ultimately harm themselves. He likened the fandom to a family, where everyone should defend each other.

Stell stressed the importance of understanding both sides of the situation, acknowledging that Sisi Rondina might have reacted emotionally. However, he condemned the hate messages directed at her, stating that the real mistake was quickly expressing anger towards her. Stell hopes this incident serves as a lesson for everyone involved, including the fans.

The issue began when Sisi shared on Instagram Live her experience at the recent Independence Program in South Korea. She mentioned that when asked what she was looking forward to at the event, someone shouted SB19’s name, but she didn’t know the group. “Ay, hindi ko kilala ‘yon, Starbucks lang alam ko,” Sisi remarked. This comment led to an outpouring of criticism from SB19 fans. Sisi quickly reached out to apologize to those offended, sincerely saying, “So ayun, ang daming na-offend. Sorry po talaga. I’m really sorry.”

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