Ryza Cenon Admits She’s Not Comfortable Wearing Wig with Bald Head

Actress Ryza Cenon Speaks on Having Bald Head, Wearing Wig

RYZA CENON – The actress admitted that she is not comfortable in wearing wig with her bald head that she is more comfortable with none.

Countless people were surprised but left amazed by the new look of actress Ryza Cenon with a bald head. The actress did it for her role in her upcoming film Lilim where she will play the character of Sister Helena.

Ryza Cenon

Lilim is a horror movie under the direction of Mikhail Red. Ryza having her hair shaved was the actress’ personal decision as she was not required to do so. She can wear the prosthetics. However, the actress prefers to have her hair shaved than to use prosthetics.

Ryza Cenon Bald Head
Ryza Cenon No Hair

Ryza Cenon had all her hair in the head shaved although the director did not require her to do so. The actress admitted that having her hair shaved is also part of her bucket list which she longed wanted to achieve. She revealed that she wanted to do it when she was pregnant with Night.

In July 2020, countless people were left happy by the news that Ryza is pregnant with her first child with her partner, cinematographer Miguel Antonio Cruz. According to the actress, then, she wanted to have her hair shaved but the Viva Artists Agency, her talent management, did not allow her to do so.

For Lilim, Ryza Cenon voluntarily had her hair shaved. Based on an article on Pep, she initially planned to have her hair shaved before the shoot of the scenes that would require to be bald. However, she was surprised when she got the breakdown of the scenes.

“A day before the shoot kasi hindi ko alam na yun ang schedule na makikitang kalbo ako. Balak ko sana, if kita na yung head ko, saka pa lang ako magpapakalbo. Kaya lang biglaan,” the actress said.

According to Ryza, the salon was already closed that she really requested to have her hair shaved on the last minute. Now that she has a bald head, the actress prefers her bald head over wearing a wig. Undeniably, she remains a beautiful woman even without her hair.

“Mas nanibago ako every time na magsusuot ako ng wig. Parang ang feeling ko, hindi ako sanay na may buhok,” the actress expressed.

Ryza Cenon admitted that she feels like she is more comfortable with her look without a hair than wearing a wig. Based on the article, she is also worried about wearing a wig when she’s with Night in a shopping mall as her son might grab it and it will fall.

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