Rowena Guanzon Comments on Harry Roque’s Supranational Travel Buddy

Rowena Guanzon has commented on Harry Roque’s travel companion

ROWENA GUANZON – The former Comelec commissioner commented on the travel companion of former Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, identified as Mr. Supranational Philippines 2016, Alberto Rodulfo De La Serna.

Former presidential spokesperson Harry Roque is in the spotlight for funding Alberto Rodulfo “AR” De La Serna as his travel companion to Europe. Documents from a raided Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGO) hub in Pampanga revealed De La Serna was appointed as Executive Assistant III in the Office of the Presidential Spokesperson with a Salary Grade 20 for most of 2021.

An “affidavit of support” showed Roque financed De La Serna’s trips to Poland, Ukraine, and Italy in October, claiming De La Serna was an “invited resource person” at a Peace Process event in Ukraine. Roque explained he needed a travel companion due to his health issues, including diabetes, a coronary stent, and acute spinal stenosis. He asserted he was financially capable of covering all expenses for De La Serna’s travel, including transportation, accommodation, and meals.

Former Comelec commissioner Rowena Guanzon commented on the matter. In a post on X, Guanzon remarked, “Mga accla, inggit lang kayo kay Harry , ang guapo kasi ng travel assistant ( TA) nya. Hanap kayo ng inyo oi !” She referred to De La Serna, who accompanied Roque on a European trip during the previous administration.

In another post, Guanzon warned, “Don’t mix your kalibogan with your government work. And dont make your government work pay for your libog. #libogguro.” While not directly naming anyone, it hinted at the ongoing issue.

Guanzon also posed a humorous challenge on X: “Hehehe anong pangalan at apelyedo na kung palitan ang R ng P ay funny ang labas ? May premyo.” Some netizens answered with “haPPy Poque.” In a separate post, Guanzon humorously added, “I’m diabetic, hypertensive, senior citizen with osteo arthritis. I think I also need a travel companion. Hehehe.”

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