Ronnie Liang’s Legal Counsel Issues a Statement on His Link with Harry Roque; Singer Comments

Statement from Ronnie Liang’s Legal Counsel on Link with Harry Roque

RONNIE LIANG and HARRY ROQUE – The legal counsel of the singer has issued an official statement regarding viral videos of the Ngiti hitmaker, linking him to the former presidential spokesperson.

In a press release from Calinisan Domino and Beron Law Offices, Ronnie Liang’s legal team clarified that Liang is not an “alaga” of Atty. Harry Roque, addressing viral videos featuring both men. The videos, showing Roque making jovial comments about Liang, resurfaced following news that former Mister Supranational, Alberto Rodulfo “AR” dela Serna, was a travel companion of Roque.

In the first video, Atty. Harry Roque is in a boat with Ronnie Liang and jokingly says, “Mamaya-maya titingnan natin kung mapapa-topless natin si Ronnie Liang. Hahahaha! Okay! Ako, magtotopless ako. Hahahahahahahaha! See you later!” In another video, Roque introduces Ronnie and humorously comments on his image, questioning, “Merong six pack na kinakain… iniinom. Well, maraming nagtatanong kasi ang image mo talaga, wholesome. Wholesome ka ba talaga? Hahahahahahaha! Baka naman palikero ka ha? Ano ba yan, talaga bang maputi ka at mukhang Koreano?”

Attorney Rafael Calinisan emphasized that Liang had no personal dealings with Roque and was in Dinagat Island in July 2022 for a humanitarian mission with the Philippine Army. Liang encountered Roque incidentally during a tour of the island and, being polite, participated in Roque’s vlog. Calinisan urged the public to focus on significant issues like the impacts of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) and gender equality laws rather than on innuendos.

Meanwhile, Roque has come under scrutiny for allegedly financing De La Serna’s travels to Europe. Documents seized from a raided POGO hub in Pampanga revealed that De La Serna held the position of Executive Assistant III in the Office of the Presidential Spokesperson with a Salary Grade 20 throughout most of 2021.

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