Jolina Magdangal Receives Criticism Over Her Wedding Post for Carlo and Charlie

Jolina Magdangal Criticized Over Carlo and Charlie Wedding Post

JOLINA MAGDANGAL – The congratulatory post of the TV host-actress for newlyweds Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon faced heavy criticism.

Carlo and Charlie had a private wedding at Alta Veranda de Tibig in Silang, Cavite, on Sunday, June 9, 2024. The event was attended by their families and select friends, including Jolina and her husband, Mark Escueta.

On Monday, June 10, Jolina posted on Instagram to thank and congratulate the newlyweds. She shared photos of Carlo and Charlie from their wedding ceremony and reflected on Charlie’s wedding vow to Carlo, stating that Charlie had manifested their marriage. Jolina admitted that she, too, had manifested for Carlo and Charlie’s lifelong union and expressed her immense joy in seeing her prayers come true.

In her post’s caption, Jolina expressed her happiness and gratitude for witnessing Carlo (Kaloi) and Charlie (April) get married. She mentioned that both she and Charlie believed in manifesting their desires and praised Carlo for his heartfelt vows and loving nature. Jolina also admired Charlie’s talent and humility. She congratulated the couple and shared her joy in celebrating their union while being with her own husband.

However, some netizens criticized Jolina’s congratulatory post, expressing disappointment and questioning her judgment. They pointed out that Carlo had left his child and the child’s mother, and found Jolina’s praise of Carlo’s “loving family” sentiment inappropriate. Critics argued that Carlo’s past actions, including leaving his family for his happiness and not being a supportive ex, undermined his credibility as a loving and responsible partner. They felt that marrying Charlie did not necessarily indicate that Carlo had changed or matured.

Despite the criticism, some netizens supported Jolina’s point of view. They argued that Carlo shouldn’t be forced to stay with his ex-partner and child if he wasn’t happy, as it could lead to a more problematic separation later on. Supporters felt it was better for everyone that Carlo moved on and found happiness, emphasizing that staying in an unhappy relationship for the child’s sake would be detrimental. They also noted that everyone has flaws and that Carlo shouldn’t be solely blamed for the past.

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