Green Soldier is Now Selling ‘Pastillas’

Green Soldier Ventures into Selling

GREEN SOLDIER – The former internet sensation, whose real name is Jhonwel Reyes, is now selling “pastillas.”

Jhonwel Reyes, also known as Green Soldier, rose to fame last year as a popular social media personality. However, after his trend as a mime performer waned, he sought alternative ways to earn additional income, including starting his own business. Recently, Reyes was featured in several social media posts after netizens saw him selling “pastillas” while performing at his usual location in Baguio City.

Some mocked his new venture, and Reyes responded by emphasizing the importance of pursuing one’s dreams despite ridicule. He stated, “Pangarap mo yan, PAGTAWANAN kaman ng iba o ng buong mundo sa pamamaraan na meron ka sa buhay, tuloy mo lang. Ipagpatuloy mo lang ang pag abot mo ng mga Pangrap, Habang sila ganun parin, Patuloy padin… Patuloy pading nag iintay ng Katawa tawang bagay sa buhay ng iba tao.”

He also expressed strong support for his wife, who helps in the production of their homemade sweets. Reyes mentioned that the ‘pastillas’ they sell are homemade, and they are gradually increasing production to meet the growing demand. He has already invested in equipment to enhance the production of their sweets.

Before his current venture, Reyes enjoyed significant social media influence due to his humorous performances as Green Soldier. His popularity was so high that he even drew tourists to the 1.7-km Session Road in Baguio just to see him perform. However, as the trend declined, Reyes continued his work as a street performer. Despite the change in his popularity, Reyes remains dedicated to his craft and his new business, adapting to changing circumstances while staying true to his passion for performance and entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, pastillas, also known as “pastillas de leche,” are traditional Filipino sweets made from milk and sugar. They are soft and chewy, often rolled in sugar, and can be flavored with ingredients like ube or calamansi. The process involves simmering milk and sugar until thickened, then shaping the mixture into small cylinders. Wrapped in decorative paper, pastillas are popular gifts and treats during festivals and special occasions in the Philippines.

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