Cong TV and Viy Cortez Spent Eight Digits on Their Wedding

An event planner revealed details about Cong TV and Viy Cortez’s wedding

CONG TV and VIY CORTEZ – The social media personalities allegedly spent eight Digits on their wedding.

Cong and Viy’s wedding has been acclaimed as the “wedding of the year” after an event organizer disclosed that the couple spent a significant amount on their ceremony. Event planner Princess Anne Ramos shared this detail on her Instagram story, commending the couple for their kindness and thoughtfulness.

Ramos mentioned that Cong and Viy made special efforts to thank everyone involved in their wedding, requesting the list of suppliers to properly acknowledge them, despite having already expressed their gratitude several times. She highlighted this thoughtful gesture, noting how unusual it is for clients to be so appreciative and personal in their acknowledgments.

The couple’s appreciation was also evident in a screenshot shared by Ramos, where Viy expressed gratitude to all the suppliers who contributed to their dream wedding. Cong echoed this sentiment in an Instagram post, thanking everyone who attended and supported their journey, especially their loyal followers.

Princess Ramos underscored the scale of their wedding expenses, confirming that the couple indeed spent a substantial amount. She marveled at their decision to publicly acknowledge and thank every contributor, despite potential perceptions of business arrangements. Ramos conveyed that the suppliers were deeply appreciative of the trust and recognition from such well-known figures.

“They [Cong at Viy] spent 8 digits on their wedding—yes, you read that right! Yet they still wanted to acknowledge everyone who worked on their wedding, even though some might think we’re [X-deals]. The couple insisted on tagging us all!” the event planner said.

Cong and Viy tied the knot on Monday, June 17, at the L’Annunziata Parish in Muntinlupa City. Their journey to marriage has been closely followed by their fans, making their wedding a highly anticipated occasion.

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