SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – Electric Crepe Maker (Features, Specs & Price)

Introducing the Electric Crepe Maker

SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – The Electric Crepe Maker is a versatile kitchen appliance designed to simplify breakfast preparation and elevate your cooking experience. Whether you’re craving crepes, soft tortillas, tacos, blintzes, or eggs rolls, this crepe maker has you covered.

One of its standout features is the non-stick coated plate surface, which ensures that your creations come out perfectly cooked and easily slide off the surface without sticking. This means no more frustrating scraping or scrubbing to remove batter residue – simply wipe the cooking plate with a damp cloth, and you’re ready to go.

Equipped with an automatic temperature controller, the crepe maker prevents burning and ensures that your breakfast treats are cooked to perfection every time. With just the press of a button, you can easily control when the surface is hot enough to start cooking, providing added convenience and peace of mind.

The design of the crepe maker is also highly convenient, with a compact and quick cooktop that allows you to set down and take off your crepes from any position. The long handle design makes it easy to hold and operate, while also saving space in your kitchen.

Included with the crepe maker is a batter tray, making breakfast preparation even easier. Whether you’re cooking for yourself or for a crowd, this pan-style griddle is up to the task. It’s perfect for busy mornings when you need to whip up a quick meal before heading out the door.

Cleaning up after cooking is a breeze thanks to the non-stick surface. Simply wipe the cooking plate with a damp cloth, and your crepe maker is as good as new. Just make sure to let the appliance cool down and dry before storing it away.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your breakfast game with the Electric Crepe Maker which is available at Quality Household Products Trd for only ₱320.

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