Rudy Baldwin Gives Advice to Kris Aquino

Here’s the advice Rudy Baldwin gave to Kris Aquino

RUDY BALDWIN – The psychic offered advice to the “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino, who is currently facing a serious illness.

In the latest episode of showbiz insider Ogie Diaz’s vlog, he asked Rudy what advice and vision he had for the Queen of All Media. “Ang ma-aadvice ko lang sa kaniya, nothing bad kung you just look in the one side of the world. […] I know, nagpagamot ka. Why [do] you just look in the one side?” Rudy said.

Ogie sought clarification from Rudy regarding his advice to Kris. Rudy explained that sometimes doctors may not always be able to fully address the effects of illness, suggesting it’s beneficial to explore other options. Ogie then asked if Rudy meant a faith healer, to which Rudy clarified he didn’t mention faith healers but expressed a wish to personally assess Kris’s situation to offer guidance.

Meanwhile, Rudy urged the public not to wish for Kris’s immediate passing, emphasizing her efforts to combat her illness and expressing belief in the possibility of her recovery. This comes amid recent updates from Kris herself about her health condition, shared through an Instagram post.

Rudy Baldwin is a controversial personality known for her alleged psychic abilities and predictions of future events. She gained attention through her social media posts detailing visions or prophecies, which have been featured on television programs like KMJS and Rated K. However, there is uncertainty surrounding her true identity, with questions arising about whether “Rudy Baldwin” is her actual name or a pseudonym.

Baldwin has attracted both followers and critics, with some praising her supposed insights while others express skepticism or outright disbelief in her abilities. Controversy has surrounded Baldwin, particularly regarding the accuracy of her predictions and allegations of fraudulent practices. Despite the mixed reactions and scrutiny, she maintains a significant online presence and continues to share her visions with her followers.

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