Netizens Doubt the New Mugshot of Deniece Cornejo

New Mugshot of Deniece Cornejo Doubted by Netizens

DENIECE CORNEJO – The new mugshot of the former model has raised doubts among netizens.

Deniece, who is now in the Correctional Institute for Women in Mandaluyong City, had her new mugshot released by the Bureau of Corrections. However, some people on the internet are questioning whether the person in the mugshot is really her because they think she looks different, possibly because she is not wearing makeup and looks very tired. These changes are likely due to her tough experiences.

The comparison of her mugshots, taken ten years apart—one in May 2014 and the latest in May 2024—shows consistency in her physical features, which should alleviate any doubts about her identity in the recent photo. Her appearance has changed primarily due to the difficult events in her life, including her legal troubles.

Deniece Cornejo has been convicted of the serious charge of illegally detaining someone for ransom, a case filed by comedian and TV host Vhong Navarro. She was sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Taguig City. This verdict shocked her family and friends, who have not yet commented publicly.

Additionally, Cedric Lee, who was also found guilty in the same case, drew attention with his mugshot in which he was smiling. This reaction seemed odd considering he was sentenced to life in prison, prompting further discussions online about his response. Despite the guilty verdict, he insists he is innocent.

Following the sentencing, Lee surrendered himself to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). His high blood pressure readings indicated that he was deeply affected by the court’s decision. He was monitored by the NBI Medico-Legal Officer, who noted his high blood pressure and fast heart rate, although it was determined that he did not need to go to the hospital.

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