Nanny Scammed and Abandoned by ‘Parents’ of the Baby She’s Looking After

Nanny from China Scammed and Abandoned by a Couple

SCAMMED – A nanny named Miss Yu was hired by a couple in Harbin, China, to look after their newborn baby boy, with a monthly pay agreed upon. The couple borrowed money from Miss Yu, saying they needed it to handle family inheritance matters. They promised to come back soon, pay her salary, and take the baby back. However, they disappeared, leaving Miss Yu without her pay and owing her a lot of money.

Months passed without any news from the couple. Miss Yu, who had lent them her savings and borrowed money from her brother, began to suspect she had been tricked. Despite their promises of inheritance, nothing happened. The couple’s claims seemed made-up, possibly to trick her into lending them money.

The incident, reported in April 2024, got a lot of attention in Chinese media. Miss Yu now thinks she was tricked by the couple, who might have made up false inheritance stories. She wishes she had questioned their unbelievable story sooner. Despite feeling let down, she keeps taking care of the baby, hoping the couple will return and keep their promises.

People online suggest Miss Yu should tell the police what happened and check if the baby really belongs to the couple, worrying they might have stolen the child. Miss Yu faces the sad truth that she might never get back the money she lent, which is all her savings and borrowed money.

Despite feeling hurt and uncertain, Miss Yu stays dedicated to caring for the baby. She can’t understand how the couple could leave their child for the money she lent them. As she tries to deal with the situation, she hopes the couple will come back one day, keep their word, and take back their child. But she’s not sure what will happen next, and she feels betrayed by the couple she once trusted.

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