Mika dela Cruz Shares Video Update with Nash Aguas A Week After Wedding

How’s the Life of Nash Aguas, Mika dela Cruz as Newly-Weds?

Mika dela Cruz shared on social media a video clip showing a life update with her husband, Nash Aguas, a week after their wedding.

After a series of celebrity breakups of known personalities who have been together for several years, even decades, the wedding of Nash Aguas and Mika dela Cruz ignited hope in a lot of people. The two (2) celebrities who have known each other since 2007 withstood the test of time.

Mika dela Cruz and Nash Aguas

Nash and Mika’s wedding came as a surprise to a countless people. It instantly went trending on social media. Undeniably, many people were surprised as the celebrity couple are among those who are low-key in their relationship despite their celebrity status.

Mika dela Cruz, Nash Aguas Wedding
Photo lifted from Instagram/@labellefete

Nash Aguas and Mika dela Cruz officially tied the knot at Adriano’s Events Place and Prayer Garden in Tagaytay City. It was an intimate event with their immediate families in a stunning place where both the wedding ceremony and the reception were held.

Nash Aguas, Mika dela Cruz Wedding Reception

Former actress Angelika dela Cruz could not resist from tearing up upon seeing her younger sister at the steps on her wedding day. The bride and the groom were also emotional but full of happiness and love at the day they became one.

In their wedding vows, both Nash and Mika recalled when they were still doing Goin’ Bulilit. He used to carry her heavy bag and he would also buy him pieces of stuff as well as her favorite Cream Puff which he gave her despite the heavy rain that made him wet waiting outside the gate of the house of the actress’ sister.

Nash told Mika in his vow that he will not promise her riches which would fade and they would have to leave on Earth but joy even in sorrows, peace in all circumstances, and love that will continue even if she does not love him anymore. The groom also vowed to his bride to point her back to God in hard times.

In her wedding vow, Mika expressed her gratitude to Nash for holding on to his faith even during the times when they broke up. The brief moment when they were together made them both grow deeper in their faith in God. The bride was also emotional as she expressed her gratitude that he is the one for her.

Now that it has been a week since their wedding and Nash Aguas and Mika dela Cruz are officially Mr. and Mrs. for a week now, how’s the celebrity couple doing? In a social media post, the young actress shared that they are out looking for furnitures. They visited IKEA.

Mika dela Cruz could not contain her excitement to be moving with Nash Aguas to their first home soon. Here’s the Instagram post of the actress:

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