Mayor, Vice Mayor of Antique Got into a Fistfight Over “Ayuda”

Due to the distribution of “ayuda,” the mayor and vice mayor of an Antique town got into a fistfight

ANTIQUE – A fistfight broke out between the mayor and vice mayor of Tobias Fornier over the distribution of food packs intended for residents affected by El Niño.

The two officials argued over who should distribute the food packs to the residents. Mayor Toto Tajanlangit claimed that Vice Mayor Jojo Fornier was obstructing the distribution.

Vice Mayor Fornier responded by stating that the governor’s office had coordinated with him to distribute the food packs from the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Mayor Tajanlangit expressed his insult over the “ninja moves” carried out by his vice mayor. He further stated that the Municipal Social Welfare Office should handle the distribution of the food packs as they possess the list of qualified beneficiaries.

It was revealed that the vice mayor is an ally of the provincial governor, which is why he was contacted by the governor’s office. Meanwhile, VM Fornier plans to file a complaint of slight physical injury against Mayor Tajanlangit for the punching incident. Mayor Tajanlangit, in turn, intends to file an administrative case against Fornier related to the alleged delay in aid distribution due to his interference.

In the Philippines, El Niño predominantly causes severe droughts, leading to significant agricultural distress with crop failures and food shortages, escalating food prices, and impacting rural livelihoods. Water scarcity becomes acute, affecting drinking supplies and the operation of hydroelectric power plants, potentially leading to energy shortages.

Health risks also increase as hotter, drier conditions contribute to the prevalence of heat-related illnesses and the spread of vector-borne diseases like dengue. These challenges demand effective disaster management and mitigation strategies to cope with the adverse effects, ensuring the well-being of the population and the stability of essential services.

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