Lie Reposposa Shares Frustration & Challenges As Breadwinner

Lie Reposposa Opens Up About Disappointment and Struggles as Family Breadwinner

LIE REPOSPOSA – Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) former housemate Lie Reposposa talked about the challenges of being the family’s breadwinner.

Angelie Reposposa, known by the nickname “Lie,” was a contestant on Pinoy Big Brother and now enjoys a serene life with her foreign fiancé, Paul Joshua Marsden. They frequently post delightful photos and dance videos on Lie’s Facebook page.

Occasionally, the former housemate, now an influencer, shares entertaining interactions with delivery riders during fast-food orders. While these posts typically have a playful and innocent tone, one comment stood out to her. The commenter criticized her for seemingly living without worries while her family deals with financial struggles and unpaid bills.

Photo Source: @liereposposaofc IG

“Hoy tilongan mo mama mo mag bayad sa mga utang nya at sa tubig n kuriynti wag pasarap Jan sa kwarto mo mag bigay ka Naman nang pagkain sa mga Kapatid mo tuyo at mantika lang ulam nila Ikaw pa makdo makdo at Jollibee kapa Kapatid mo at parents lawoy lang ulam nila Wala pang subak.”

This comment left Angelie Reposposa with a mix of frustration and sadness. She feels let down that, despite her continual efforts to support her family, it never seems to suffice. Lie admitted that this situation is becoming more draining for her with each passing day.

“Gusto ko lang mag labas ng sama ng loob hindi ko alam kung tama or mali ba tong gagawin ko pero sobra na as a breadwinner, nakakapagod din. Noong una, gusto ko lang naman tumulong hanggang sa naging obligasyon ko na lahat. Isa lang ako pero pito ‘yong dapat bubuhayin ko. Ang masakit pa para sa akin, tinulungan ko naman sila pero ‘pag hindi ko naibigay ang gusto nila, nagiging masama na ako. Kasalanan ko pa sariling mama ko pa mag chichismis sakin sa mga kumare niya syempre nasasaktan din ako,” Lie wrote.

Lie Reposposa was also infuriated by the unsolicited comment because, in her words, this “Marites” (a Filipino slang term for a gossipmonger) was fabricating unfounded problems. She strongly believes that family matters should remain private. Lie countered the assertion that she isn’t financially assisting her family by revealing in her post that she fulfilled their long-standing desire by purchasing a farm for them.

Concluding her Facebook post, Lie expressed that while her family’s remarks pained her, she remains optimistic about resolving the issue. She aspires to maintain her connection with the family she continues to support, despite facing her own challenges, particularly now that she has revealed her battle with PTB Anemia.

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