Gazini Ganados Reveals Family Still Trapped in Israel-Gaza War

The family of Gazini Ganados is still trapped in the Israel-Gaza war

GAZINI GANADOS – The family of Miss Universe-Philippines 2019 is still trapped in the Israel-Gaza war.

Gazini is Filipino-Palestinian. Her Palestinian father, stepmother, sister, and three brothers are in Gaza. On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack that killed Israeli civilians at a holiday event.

Israel retaliated and launched a war against the terrorist group in the Gaza Strip in Palestine. Months later, the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues. Amid the war, many civilians, particularly Palestinians, are affected, including Gazini’s family.

Gazini Ganados

When the war broke out, Gazini posted and expressed that her family was affected. Thousands have died, and thousands more are at risk due to the ongoing war and their difficult situation. Seven months have passed, and Gazini still worries every day about her family’s safety.

Gazini opened up about the challenges her family faces in an interview with “It is a very concerning matter right now because they just started invading Rafah, and my family is still inside Palestine. And I’m very frustrated with how it is still ongoing for seven months.” Rafah is a city in Palestine and is now considered the “last refuge” of Palestinians in Gaza amid the ongoing war.

The beauty queen described her family’s difficult situation in Gaza, highlighting their limited food and resources. Despite these challenges, she maintains communication with them daily through social media, as other news sources are blocked.

Gazini uses social media to raise awareness about the civilians’ plight and urges people to speak out. She expressed concern for her family’s safety, noting they have only a month’s food supply and hoping Rafah reopens to allow them to gather more supplies. She remains uncertain about when the conflict will end, expressing hope for a resolution soon.

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